What is JSON4SQL?

JSON4SQL provides a fast, feature-rich binary JSON type for SQL Server.

Developers have been requesting native JSON features to rival SQL Server's rich XML functionality for years, but a native solution has yet to materialize. Meanwhile, other document-based NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB continue to thrive because of their speed and ease of use for web developers. More recently, Postgresql has begun offering a native binary JSON type with rich features and querying capabilities coupled with the features and reliability of an RDMS. Now, JSON4SQL offers the same benefits for SQL Server users with several additional features.

What are the key features?

JSON4SQL offers power yet simplicity for developers

• A binary storage format for faster querying without reparsing
• A fluent API for object creation and manipulation
• A rich API for querying JSON objects using XPath like query expressions
• A fast parser and deserializer for conversion to and from JSON and binary
• Aggregate functions for easy conversion of SQL result sets to JSON objects and arrays
• A rich set of table value functions for converting JSON objects and arrays to results sets

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